Trade Publishers

Copy Editing
  • Crusades: Kids @ the Crossroads by Laura Scandiffio, Annick Press, 2009 
Substantive Editing
  • Roid Rage by Lesley Choyce, Harbour Publishing, 1999
  • The Great Motion Mission: A Surprising Story of Physics in Everyday Life by Cora Lee, Annick Press, 2009
  • Nothing but Your Skin by Cathy Ytak / The Pool Was Empty by Gilles Abier,  Annick Press, 2009
  • Kitchen for Kids: 100 Amazing Recipes Your Children Can Really Make by Jennifer Low, Whitecap Books, 2004
  • Cooks in My Kitchen: Tales and Recipes From a Cooking School by Gail Norton and Diane Thuna, Whitecap Books, 2003
  • Crystal Connection (Science Squad Adventure Series # 2) by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Whitecap Books, 2003
  • Raging River by Pam Withers, Walrus Books, 2003
  • Native Plants in the Coastal Garden: A Guide for Gardeners in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest (revised and updated) by April Pettinger with Brenda Costanzo, Whitecap Books, 2002
  • Still Ranting: More Rants, Raves and Recollections by Rafe Mair, Whitecap Books, 2002
  • Canadian Girls Who Rocked the World by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Whitecap Books, 2001
  • Dishing: Calgary Women Cook, Whitecap Books, 2001
  • Rails & Rooms: A Timeless Canadian Journey by Dave Preston, Whitecap Books, 2001
  • Great Vancouver: An Indispensable Guide to Places to Go and Things to Do in the Lower Mainland, Whitecap Books, 2000
  • Rants, Raves & Recollections by Rafe Mair, Whitecap Books, 2000
  • Seasons in the Rockies, photographs by Darwin Wiggett and Tom Till, text by Rebecca L. Grambo, Whitecap Books, 2000
  • Wild West Women: Travellers, Adventurers and Rebels by Rosemary Neering, Whitecap Books, 2000

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